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Gambling superstitions that make you unbeatable. Pray to the gambling gods This pretty much says it all, right? If you feel lucky you will be happy and have a more enjoyable time while you play. Often died different colours and turned into keychains, you'll be sure to see this lucky charm in the hand of many a gambler. In fact, according to the Study of Public Opinion Research Center, a whopping 54 percent of adults have at least one superstitious belief. The pathological gamblers from the clinic were seeking help for various forms of gambling, including sports gambling, Internet poker or blackjack, superstitions machines and casino games.

Superstitions in gambling wheel casino game

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Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people on the planet. Whether it be carrying a lucky charm, or having the same ritual before every single game. Casino Gambling and Superstitions. By Bill Burton Two gamblers were talking. One turned to the other and asked, “Are you superstitious?” His friend replied, “I. From penis necklaces to smoked bird brains, here's our pick of the world's weirdest gambling superstitions.